Scheurich Keramik


In this picture is a West Germany Scheurich Floor Vase marked 270-53 circa 1960's.

      Scheurich was founded in 1923 and started off selling china, porcelain and glass wholesale. It wasn't until the 1950's that Schuerich started to produce ceramics. In the 1960's the Fat Lava era begins with the thick textured drip glazes and bubbling crater effect glazes giving the fat lava effect. Until the 80's Scheurich was the largest West Germany Ceramic Manufacterer. Heinz Siery was the main designer in the mid century modern era. Some of the well known patterns were the "Jura" (Snail like pattern) "Amsterdaam"(Onion Pattern) "Wien"(Hooped Design) and "Lora"(Flame Pattern).

      Scheurich is also known for its sought after large floor vases.The embossed 5 digits on the bottoms of the vases indicate the shape and size. For example marked on the base of this vase is 270-53, so the "270" stands for the shape while the "53" indicates that the vase is 53cm tall. The more recent pottery produced has a three circle marking embossed on the bottoms of the pieces. Scheurich still produces ceramics as of today.